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What we do

At Snapfilter.it we design amazing custom Snapchat filters for every occasion and we've got a solutions for every budget. Taking pictures and sharing them instantly with the world is now the norm and this is no more true than when you are at an event. Whether that is a wedding, birthday party, business event or any other kind of event. People are always snapping pics and sharing them on social media. Snapchat revolutionised this instant sharing of images with their app and Snapfilter it utilises their platform to bring you the best filter designs to personalise yours and your guests snaps of the event. You can request a personalised template or have one of our professional designers create you a completely custom design that matches your events theme/style perfectly. We even setup the filter with Snapchat so you don't need to worry.

Check out our designs to find the filter for your next event. Or get in touch with us to start discussing your fully bespoke filter today.

Comic Book Birthday Customisable Filter
Custom Wedding Mr & Mrs Filter
Birthday Balloons Filter

How It Works

Find a Template Design You Love

We have several filter styles to help you decide on the filter that will match your event theme.

Add Your Customisation

Use our simple and easy customisation boxes to tell our designers what you want writing on your filter. Customisations include Names, Dates and even Basic Colour Changes.

Set Your Event Date, Time & Location

Provide us with as much detail about your event date, time and location. The full address is great, other information about the event location such as the room / hall can ensure our team can setup the filter accurately. 

We complete the setup at no extra cost!

Get Snapping!

When you arrive on the day of the event use the Snapchat app to snap your pics and swipe until you discover your custom filter. Share these snaps with all your friends. 

Don't forget to add us on Snapchat and share your snaps with us. We love to see your filters in action. 

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Professional Design
All our custom Snapchat filters are created by professional designers with years of experience
Great Customer Service
Our focus is to help you throw the best party possible. Our team of customer support staff are on hand to help. Our reviews also back this up
Easy & Simple Buying Process
Parties, events and weddings can all be stressful, that is why we've made it as simple as possible to give you one less thing to worry about.

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What if I can't find a template design I like?

We have tried to create a variety of filter designs to fit many styles to make getting a custom Snapchat filter for your event as easy as possible. If however our current templated designs don't fit the style you are looking for, contact us directly to enquire about a bespoke filter. Our talented design team can meet your needs.

Who owns the copyright on the filter?

All our filters are created by our team of designers and all artwork is owned by Snapfilter.it. Our service allows you to easily and simply setup a custom event filter that will wow your guests. Once your order is placed our team does all the work including submitting the filter to Snapchat*. 

*Unless stated otherwise.

How much notice is required to order a custom filter?

We do not accept orders with less than 48hours notice before the event. Once your order is placed our team receive the notification to create your filter, we then must confirm your order location and time before we submit the filter to Snapchat. They then must approve the filter design before it can be published for your event.

What is the weather like?

We are based in the UK and the old cliché is true, everyone always asks about the weather. That is why it has made it into our FAQ section. As of writing this the weather is typically British, it is cloudy and about 9 Celsius. 

I haven't found my question on your FAQ's, how do I get an answer?

We do try to keep our FAQ section as up to date as possible but we understand that some questions are very unique to each user. You can contact us using any of our contact forms found on the website or email Social@snapfilter.it and one of our helpful team will assist you.


What is Snapchat?

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